Strainers (Y- Type / T- Type / Pot Type)


"Y" Type strainer take their name from their configuration. They are most commonly used in pressurised line, water/ gas or liquid but can also be used I suction or vacuum condition. They are intended for application where small amount of solid particle are expected and where clean out will be infrequent. If solid will flush easily from the screen and fluid can be exhausted to atmosphere , a blow down valve on their drain port will allow clean –out without removal of the screen and interrupting the process flow.

Material of Construction

  • ⇒ Cast Iron/Cast Carbon Steel / Cast Stainless Steel / Cast Alloy Steel/ MS
  • ⇒ Mesh: Stainless Steel
  • ⇒ Pressure Rating: PN-10 To PN-25 & 150 Class

We also Manufacture :

  • ⇒ Cone Type Strainer
  • ⇒ Basket Type Strainer
  • ⇒ Duplex Type Strainer
  • ⇒ "T" Type Strainer